About Me

“Curiosity followed by experimentation frequently guides my art making.”

Julia Forsyth

In combining the black ink of a linocut print with the custom-created colors hand-drawn or painted on a map, an entirely new art hybrid is created that elevates both the linocut and the map with associations of specific regions, places, and memories playing with the printed subject matter. My work often incorporates natural imagery and bold, colorful textiles and patterns.


Julia Forsyth

Texas Based Artist


I was born in Oklahoma, grew up in Louisiana, and have been living in Texas for all of my adult life. Though I graduated with a painting degree from Baylor University, I’ve been working seriously on linocut printmaking and mixed-media artwork for the last two years.

When I’m not amassing a sizable mound of carved-out linoleum shavings as part of the linocut-making process or teaching the artists of tomorrow, I spend time with my husband and our two children.

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